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The Kitchen crew will once again be providing hot tasty and healthy meals to people in our community who need them.

IMPORTANT! All items in your basket will be AUTOMATICALLY ordered at the relevant deadline (for more information on specific deadlines and how to use our ordering system click here)

How it works - read more

Collective shopping is a revolutionary new idea. The aim of the game is that collectively, we can order enough shares of a given product in order to buy it in bulk from our suppliers.

  • Use the blue quantity adjustment buttons to adjust how many shares you would like buy.
  • Use the pink "extra maybe" buttons to indicate how many shares you would be willing to buy in order to make up the required number of shares and complete the set. These will be discarded if other people contribute enough shares.
  • If the price is marked with an asterisk, e.g. £1.50*, then the final price charged may vary slightly depending on the product received from the supplier.
  • Red shares are available to fill and show that the set has not yet been started.
  • Amber shares may be fulfilled if more comrades contribute shares to the set.
  • Green shares indicate that the set has been completed and orders will definitely be fulfilled. Empty green shares show either that we have the item in stock so we can also definitely fulfil any orders placed or that only 1 share is need to complete the set.
  • If the avatar is faded this indicates an 'extra maybe' share.

IMPORTANT - Once you have added a product to your order, there is not a secondary confirmation stage such as a checkout. Instead, each item has an order deadline which varies by supplier. Any items in your order (basket/cart) will be automatically ordered and confirmed once the deadline for that item has passed and you will not be able to make any amendments for that item after that time. If you wish to amend an order, you will need to do so before the deadline for that product has ended. If, for whatever reason you need to cancel your order, please get in touch with us via email.

Warm fuzzy feelin' #1


Product Code: FFCK_001

Supplier: FFCK

Origin: Cornwall

A donation costing less than a pint to go towards the £2,340.80 it costs per month to keep the kitchen running.

Warm fuzzy feelin' #2


Product Code: FFCK_002

Supplier: FFCK

Origin: Cornwall

To run the whole project it costs £8.36 / person/ week

Warm fuzzy feelin' #3


Product Code: FFCK_003

Supplier: FFCK

Origin: Cornwall

To run the whole project it costs  £33.44 / person/month

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