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We pestered Paula and Chris for months to change their delivery day so that we could sell their amazing dairy products. Finally, they kindly agreed to deliver to us at midnight on Wednesdays - just in time for DECOM!!

Their farm is a shining example of what dairy farming can look like and we really want to support them. 

Here's what Paula told us about their farm...

We have a small 4th generation family farm which reaches from the Penberth valley to Treen Cliffs overlooking the Minack theatre. We converted to organic 22 years ago as we prefer to work with nature not against it, we don't use chemicals or routine antibiotics/medicines. The cows and chickens give us what we need to keep the grass fertilised and as our animals have less stress they rarely need to see the vet.

We no longer supply a milk company as they decided we were too far down the line to bother picking up so pasteurise and sell as much of the milk as we can ourselves

Our cows feed their calves and then we get the rest!

We don't push them, they are milked once a day and are certified grassfed which means they only have grass (either growing or baled) according to the time of year/weather conditions. We don't feed concentrates to push the milk, they have a handful of lucerne pellets to encourage them to come in to be milked, that's it! Even in the winter, if it's a lovely warm dry day and the fields aren't a bog the girls will go out to graze - they push the gate to let us know...

The girls are Pedigree Guernseys so it's gold top milk with a cream-line. We don't homogenise or standardise only gently pasteurise. This means it doesn't last as long as supermarket milk, but then milk isn't meant to, especially with our cream!

The flavour changes according to the time of year and which fields the girls have been grazing.

Our yoghurt is something else also, just like the milk the flavour can change from batch to batch depending on which fields the cows have grazed.







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