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Tree of Life supplier us with a steady supply of blueberries throughout the summer which taste a million times better than supermarket ones. They also supply us with rhubarb and gooseberries - CRUMBLE?!


Tree of Life Organics was formed in 1996 by Marie Welsh and Sylvia Carthew. We had a lot of help and encouragement from Marie's parents, Ron and Thelma Welsh and Chopsticks Organics.

Initially we were growing vegetables on our smallholding mainly for ourselves and families. For a number of years people kept asking if they could buy our produce so we thought about finding a way of supplying our vegetables to the wider local community. 

We then decided to join the Soil Association to give ourselves full organic status.

Our vegetable growing area has expanded and we now produce some of our own fruit, including Blueberries, Gooseberries and Apples as well as organic meadow hay.

The growth our business is due to an increasing awareness of the importance of organic food production, and the value in buying locally produced food.


They are now retired an have let their Organic certification lapse. However they continue to supply us with their perennial crops and continue with the same sustainable growing methods as before.


Shop their produce here.