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Chyan Community Field was started in October 2002.  As well as planting hundreds of apple trees, creating veggie plots and planting a sensory garden, there has been some ambitious building work including a natural swimming pool, a straw bale tea shed, tool store, polytunnel, mud kitchen and an astonishingly impressive geodesic circus amphitheatre! The Chyan apple juice is absolutely delicious - each bottle is a slightly different colour and flavour owing to the small pressings of fruits collected from an extraordinarily diverse selection of apple varieties, many of which are local Cornish cultivars. Kate and Sharon, who showed us around didn't know all the different names of the trees but have instead started to give them their own names.



All our apples are organically & locally grown on our small community farm in Cornwall. Our juice is pressed & bottled by hand on site. Our orchards preserve over 30 varieties of Cornish and English apple and are a haven for birds and other wildlife. We are passionate about earth care and we produce all of our juice with a commitment to biodiversity and sustainability.









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