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Pedigree Ruby Devon Cattle home raised, naturally grazed on the coastal pastures and heaths on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. The herd are active in restoring the natural habitats on the Lizard National Nature Reserve (NNR), whilst being being raised slowly to promote the true flavour of our beef.

Beef dry aged on the bone, with Himalayan rocksalt, and then portioned by an on farm master butcher.

Beef grass and forage fed for life, totally-corn-free and soya-free.


Boscarnon Farm promotes regenerative agriculture, carbon sequestering soils, totally natural inputs, biodiversity promoting. 

The farm is composed mainly of species rich grassland, heathland and grazed woodland and it is managed sustainably without any external inputs. We have achieved Higher Level Stewardship status and the SSSI land forms part of the Lizard National Nature Reserve.

The cattle provide an active role as managers of this precious environment, they are able to roam freely, browsing on a variety of vegetation, in this coastal landscape. They are allowed to grow at their own pace and are only sent to slaughter after 36 months.