Welcome to Loveland

Falmouth Food Co-op’s new community field, Loveland, is growing into a beacon of delicious, nutritious, sustainable, food production for all life to enjoy. A place to reconnect with nature and each other through work, education and play. Encouraging small acts of local leadership, the freedom to make happy mistakes, learn by doing, dream green and make good things happen. 

The Love Land community field project offers an open and welcoming space to encourage local people to get more involved in the growing of their food through working, learning and gathering together with a collective spirit that welcomes all. 

Let’s get our hands dirty – grow an orchard, a forest garden, fresh salads, flowers, vegetables and herbs and leave room around us for wildlife to return.

This is an opportunity for our community to nurture and shape a new space in Penryn.

Here is the soil, what seeds will you sow? 

Throughout 2021 we will be carrying out a community consultation through an array of events and activities at the land. We want to receive ideas and feedback from the local community about what Loveland could become.

Keep an eye out on our instagram page @lovelandfieldproject to see what is happening or stay in the know through the Love Land newsletter by following the link below. 

We look forward to seeing you up at the field and hearing your ideas and feedback.

Email loveland@falmouthfood.coop to find out how to get involved.

To receive updates by email about all things Love Land, sign up to our mailing list and click the Loveland tick-box. 

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement so far on this exciting community venture. Your donations help us pay the rent and sustain the project. 

If you are able to, please donate £5 a month.

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