The Spread – Split Automator Interface.

Automator – “”

Accumulator – “”

Totaliser – The sheet on the Split Automator Interface where ordering of the monthly haul of provisions is collectivised.

Localiser – The sheet on the Automator where ordering of local agroecological fresh produce is collectivised.

Digital Interface Administrator [AA] – First in charge of managing the Totaliser and inputting successful split order data into the Essential mainframe via the “Banana Splits” order pad.

Finance Coordinator [FC] – Calculate members’ Monthly individual totals and communicate this to relevant members. Manage payments in from members and makes payments out to suppliers.

Chief of Communication [Comms] – Communicates key information from the Opsroom to the rest of the group, drums up collectivist sentiment and is the first point of contact for comrades in need of help.

Outreach Officer [OO] – Adds new members to the mailing list and whatsapp group. Sends new members the welcome email. Tries to grow the group through advertising and social media

Supplier Liaison Squad [SLS] – Investigates opportunities for widening the supplier base into other product areas and works with suppliers to get them up and running. Communicates with suppliers to find out product availability and place orders.

Master of Weights and Measures [MOWM] – this role is mainly relevant to the day of decommissioning, organising splits created from orders on the Automator.

Decom Duo – Term used for the MOWM role when it is split between two notoriously badass people.

Propaganda Broadcaster [PropOps] – Creates moving and inspiring video and audio.

QGM – Quarterly General Meeting where we coronate new personnel and discuss new ideas for the group.

Sharebox – a drop down cell on the Automator in which members claim their share of a product.

Night Hawk

Anyone spotted loitering on the Automator during the witching hours.

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