All the food for everyone 2020

Falmouth Food Co-op is a food hub. We support local producers of agroecological food by providing a platform for the local community to collectivise demand. We are in the process of moving to the Open Food Network online platform but in the meantime please sign up and start ordering via our ordering spreadsheets -the Automator for wholefoods and the Localiser for fresh produce.

AUTOMATOR – Collectivised rationing

LOCALISER – Agroecological fresh produce

We are continuing to place orders under a new virus-aware protocol.


If you are affected by the COVID-19 virus and would like to sign up for meals delivered to your home, please fill out this form or call 01326 567526. The meals will be free of charge but we would greatly appreciate donations made by bank transfer to:

Falmouth Food Co-op CIC
Account Number: 21156344 Sort Code: 16-58-10
Please leave a payment reference “FOOD”

Thank you!

Join our Telegram channel FFC_live for live updates.

We are distributing these leaflets around town. If you would like to do the same please feel free print these and distribute.
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