Automator Instruction Manual – a guide to your cybernetic future

Placing an order


A crowd-sourced, fully automated luxury collective cybernetic food ordering system: The latest piece of networked, abundantly and socially produced tech from SiliconFally™ is the “SPLIT AUTOMATOR INTERFACE”, better known as the Automator, Accumulator, Totaliser or simply, the Spread. Its function is to facilitate the collective ordering and splitting of bulk items. Enjoy!

  1. First you need to sign up.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, open the “FFC AUTOMATOR” Google sheet.
  3. Scroll down the “🏧Automator” sheet and choose a product that takes your fancy. The “shares” column indicates how many shares of an item must be bought before it can be ordered. The “taken” column displays how many shares have already been taken. To buy a share in an item, simply click the next available sharebox in the row corresponding to the product and type the beginning of your name and click on your name as it appears. To buy 2 shares, just do this again in the next cell to the right and so on.
  4. Completer Cells are shareboxes where a comrade/member has made the colour of their name turn ORANGE to indicate that they will be prepared to take the share in order to complete a product. Feel free to replace their name with your own and turn the text BACK TO BLACK.
  5. Sometimes there is limited availability of a certain product. Only put your name in white share boxes. Grey ones are unavailable and your name will be deleted.
  6. If a product has accrued sufficient order placements, a tick will appear in the “Order Status” column. This does not however prohibit comrades from putting oneself down for more shares as hopefully, if other people order as well, more can be ordered.
  7. You can view all the items you have successfully ordered in one of the “🛒” tabs. Here you can also see your potential and actual spend as products become successful.
  8. A final tip – the Automator has become a sprawling cybernetic monstrosity and can be hard to navigate. Try using the Ctrl + F search function to find what you are looking for.
  9. Come to the Dracaena Centre between 5 – 6pm Thursday week (9 days later) to collect your rations. The Dracaena Centre will be locked at 6pm so if you are unable to collect your order yourself please arrange for someone else to pick it up for you and make us aware before hand by emailing us at Alternatively you can put yourself down for delivery at the top of the Automator when you place your order.
  10. Remember to bring bags to take your shopping away with you, or alternatively bring a cardboard box to swap with ours.
  11. Please consider putting your name down on the “Decom Rota” tab on the Automator if you are able to help out. The Rota will be locked at 9pm on a Wednesday. As the size of our orders grows so does our need for volunteers.

The order deadlines and collection times will be communicated by email and are also available on the homepage of this website.

Adding new products from Essential Trading Co-operative

If you would like anything from the Essential Trading catalogue to be added to our list of products, please make a request by email or on the “Chit Chat” sheet, with the correct product code and we will add it for you as soon as possible.


Payment will be due once the food has been delivered, allocated and the delivery note double checked. You’ll be sent an itemised invoice by email which includes our bank details. Keep an eye on your email inbox and make your payment promptly so that payments to suppliers can be made by the due date. Please use your name as a payment reference.

*On occasion some of the products we order are not available so your final total may be less than your original order total. This will be detailed in your invoice.

Decommissioning; sharing the labour of division

Decom is when we divide up our collective haul into our separate rations ready for collection and delivery. We do this currently at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth.

Everyone who has ordered something is encouraged to come along and help divide up the spoils and share the labour of division. It has become a bit of a social event, often with cake and other treats entering the gift economy. If you would like to help with the decommissioning please put your name down in a slot on the decom rota sheet on the Automator.

If you have placed an order and are not able to collect in person, please allocate someone in advance to collect for you or contact to arrange a delivery.

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