The Localiser Instruction Manual – a guide to your agroecological future.

Placing an order on the Localiser

The Localiser is a whole new kind of vegbox, never before seen on the face of this earth.

It could not be simpler to take part and support the bioregion’s knowledgeable and wise agroecological producers in transforming the lifeless industrial agricultural monotony into a happy, diverse and abundant rural utopia.

The Localiser runs on a weekly order cycle. You may place orders from Friday before the deadline at midday on Tuesday for collection/delivery between 5-6pm Thursday.

  1. Once signed up to FFC, find the “FFC LOCALISER” Google Sheet.
  2. Each producer offers their selection of fresh produce.
  3. Mix and match these delights by putting your name in the adjacent next available drop-down shareboxes.
  4. You can view all the items you have successfully ordered in one of the “🛒” tabs. Here you can also see your potential and actual spend as products become successful.
  5. The deadline for ordering is midday each Tuesday.
  6. Come to the Dracaena Centre between 5 – 6pm the following Thursday to collect your vegbox. The Dracaena Centre will be locked at 6pm so if you are unable to collect your order yourself please arrange for someone else to pick it up for you and make us aware before hand by emailing us at Alternatively you can put yourself down for delivery at the top of the Localiser when you place your order.
  7. Remember to bring bags to take your shopping away with you, or alternatively bring a cardboard box to swap with ours
  8. Please consider putting your name down on the “Decom Rota” tab on the Localiser if you are able to help out. The Rota will be locked at 9pm on a Wednesday. As the size of our orders grows so does our need for volunteers.
  9. You will be invoiced within a few days by email. Please pay promptly.
  10. Enjoy the agroecological abundance!

Decommissioning; sharing the labour of division

Decom is when we divide up our collective haul into our separate rations ready for collection and delivery. We do this currently at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth.

Everyone who has ordered something is encouraged to come along and help divide up the spoils and share the labour of division. It has become a bit of a social event, often with cake and other treats entering the gift economy. If you would like to help with the decommissioning please put your name down in a slot on the decom rota sheet on the Automator.

If you have placed an order and are not able to collect in person, please allocate someone in advance to collect for you or contact to arrange a delivery.

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