AGM 19


Saturday 21st September 2019

12:30 – 14:00 Veggie Potluck Lunch / social

14:00 – 17:30 AGM meeting 

*All present need to pay their £1 membership fee prior to meeting in order to have a counting vote*

1)Summary Reports from:

i) Finance Coordinator

ii) Digital Overlord

iii) Supplier Liaison Team

iv) Decomm Team

v) Steering Committee – (BM to outline the purpose and value of the cooperative model and the role of a director)

      2) Electing the board of directors Board should comprise seven directors. 

Hustings – members are invited to outline suitability for the role. If more than seven prospective directors are put forward then a vote will be held in which present members will rank their 7 favoured candidates. 

Points will be allocated accordingly with the highest scoring 7 candidates becoming the elected board. 

New board members could be admitted at the first meeting of the board.


3) Discussion of the ideological and structural direction of FFC – Insights from questionnaire to be shared and discussed 

4) Review venue

5) Review levy

7) Review working roles 

i) Splitting roles?

ii) New roles or defunct roles

iii) Remuneration

iv) Elect roles (elected by the board or by present members?)7) Action points & upcoming significant dates     

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